Products & Services

Richards & Company provides access to all of the major equities markets. We deliver cost-effective execution and clearing services for equity securities as well as equity-linked derivatives including both listed futures and options. Richards & Company also offers customizable local products, such as contracts for difference (CFDs) and financial spread betting for European and Australian investors.

We provide brokerage services for equities in dozens of markets, providing market-leading execution services, clearing arrangements, and access to a range of equities, listed and over-the-counter options, and exchange-traded funds.

We continually seek to provide best execution. We partner with our clients to provide a high-level of service in every aspect of their securities investing. We have the expertise and the flexibility as well as the trading platforms and administrative systems required to meet the operational needs of a broad range of investors.

Escrow managed accounts for our institutional clients extends our dominance in the markets and assists our own in house goals of achieving excellence and trust among the financial world.